An amazing, must-see wedding at Maia Docklands of Christelle and Kon 

Christelle and Kon were such an amazing couple. It was a perfect day at Maia Docklands, the weather was beautiful, we went to some of Melbourne’s best photographic locations and finished up at the spectacular Maia Docklands.

The grooms coverage had some really great traditional elements. Once Kon and his crew were dressed and ready for action, the best man Chris, sat him down, pulled out a butchers knife and started applying shaving cream to Kons face!! Lucky I had seen this before, otherwise I would have thought this might be a wedding that Kon won’t get the opportunity to attend! Once everything was in order, the family started getting involved and Kon had a moment will everyone!

Maia Docklands awesome wedding photography of couple dancing

The girls had a slighting more relaxing morning with a nice late start in South Morang. The girls were finishing their hair and makeup when I arrived and then we got into the fun stuff. The girls were looking spectacular, the perfume filled the air and the camera was working it’s magic. Christelle looked absolutely stunning, and we got some amazing photos of her.

Their ceremony was held at St Niktarious. I love watching all the Greek traditions, the rings, exchanging crowns and even walking laps around the bible. It’s quite a spectacle, I love it! Congratulations and family photos followed, but it was time to hit the road and the couple was eagerly awaiting the fun times on location taking pictures!

I absolutely love their photo shoot! Everything just lined up for us, the weather was perfect and we had a fantastic time. We enjoyed some quality time in the observatory in Fitzroy Gardens as well as in and around the spectacular gardens. We then made our way to Chapter House behind St Paul’s Cathedral off Flinders Lane. Another amazing location, the sky scrapper style church has a beautiful vibe with this sandstone walls, giant doors, dramatic staircases and archways. We got some fantastic folio worthy images. Last stop, to the beach. We made our way to Lagoon Pier in Port Melbourne. The weather held, the wind kicked in and the sun hit the horizon, we had about 5-10 mins to get as much as we could, and again, we nailed it. Christelle and Kon looked great and we got plenty of variety.

Last stop, to Maia Docklands. The festivities began, drinks were flowing, food was being served and the couple and all their guests partied well into the night. Thanks for having me guys, I can’t believe I do this for work as sometimes it just feels like heaps of fun hanging our with ridiculously cool people!

I hope you all like the photos 🙂