Wedding Photography of Lara and Vadim at the stunning Mt Duneed Estate!!

This was the first wedding that I photographed at My Duneed Estate, and I was unbelievably impressed with how beautiful it was!! I’m usually shooting weddings in the Yarra Valley which is obviously Victoria’s capital for wineries, but Mt Duneed Estate is gorgeous, about 15 mins drive from Geelong, a little hidden gem!

Lara and Vadim were so cute, I loved these guys! Vadim, originally from Russia invited his brother and parents down to Melbourne and I think they got a fantastic experience. As the tradition goes, there’s no better way to start the wedding day celebrations than opening a bottle of Vodka! It was so nice seeing Vadim with his brother and father enjoying a celebratory drink on the morning of his wedding day, he just looked like he was in this element and Vadim’s father had this unmistakable proud look on his face, it was really beautiful.


wedding couple enjoying portraits in the vineyard at Mt Duneed Estate

After a few drinks, I was off to see the girls. They were staying in this gorgeous holiday home overlooking the ocean in Torquay, the perfect setting for Lara to get ready for the wedding. The photography went so well!! The girls had a ball and I could see how excited Lara was to get to Mt Duneed Estate for her ceremony, woohoo!

As soon as I got to Mt Dunned Estate I knew it was going to be a beautiful wedding and an awesome shoot! The ceremony went perfectly with a slowly setting sun casting a beautiful orange glowing light over the proceedings. After lots of hugs and kisses and a group photo it was time to hit the vineyard for the bridal portraits.

bridal party laughing at Mt Duneed Estate

This is my favourite part of the day, the ceremony is over, the bride and groom are relaxed, and now we are on location with their best friends and they can finally relax. It’s time for me to work my magic and get all the amazing shots they booked me for. We had heaps of fun with the bridal party, playing in the Mt Duneed Estate vineyard, playing games and having a ball. We finished up in the cellar room and then it was time to party the night away in the Mt Dunned Estate reception venue!

wedding reception at Mt Duneed Estate

The gorgeous sunset create the perfect setting for Lara and Vadim’s wedding reception. This amazing warm glow just filled the room and it was time to get the party started!

I had the best day at Mt Duneed Estate, it was a really amazing day! Check out some of my photos of Lara and Vadim’s wedding below:

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