Check out this beautiful and stormy beach wedding of Megan & Travis at the Lorne Beach Pavilion

I love a good ol’ beach wedding, they’re always so relaxed and fun! And best of all, it’s doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or stormy, the photos ALWAYS look amazing, especially at the Lorne Beach Pavilion!!! This venue is stunning. The Lorne Beach Pavilion is only meters to the sand and beach yet has a really nice sense of privacy, even though it’s location right in the middle of Lorne! If you’re looking for a beach side reception, you’ve gotta check out the Lorne Beach Pavilion, definitely one of my favourite beach side wedding receptions!

The Pole House Wedding Photography of Megan and Travis

The day started off nice and relaxed at two side by side bungalows in the Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park. The perfect location chosen specifically because they were only minutes walk to where their ceremony was being held on Torquay Beach.

So the boys were enjoying their morning, sitting back having some beers while Mum ironed shirts and trousers in preparation for the wedding 🙂 lucky Mum was around boys! It was a super relaxed morning hanging out with the guys, they took their time and we got some great shots of their details and some group photos of the crew together. Good times!

Then I took the short walk of about 10 meters to the girls bungalow next door to check out what was going on over there! I walked in to see Megan finishing off her hair and makeup and best of all, Dad getting his hair straightened! I guess there’s a first for everything! Just like the boys, the girls were equally as relaxed, enjoying champagne, laughing, joking and preparing for an amazing day ahead. I got some great shots of Megan’s details too, and some super cute group photos of the girls.

Torquay Wedding Photography

Now, let the excitement begin, it’s wedding o’clock! With a short walk to the beach I quickly got a few shots of the signage, some people mingling and Travis looking a little nervous 🙂 Only minutes later Megan and her pose were walking down the boardwalk ready to get the show on the road. Then, for the first time in 10 years of photographing weddings I saw a bride (Megan) take off her wedding shoes and walk through a river that was blocking her path, awesome!

The wedding ceremony on Torquay beach was beautiful, super cute and emotional! There was plenty of love in the air and it was an absolute pleasure to watch these two get married. We organised a big group photo on the beach and continued on with family photos on the beach too.

Then the fun began, we had about 5 hours to enjoy taking photos in and around Torquay and Lorne. We went to the most amazing locations, including:

  • Beach photos at Torquay
  • Aireys Inlet Broadwalk
  • Split Point Lighthouse
  • The amazing Pole House
  • The Great Ocean Road
  • Lorne Swing Bridge Cafe & Boathouse
  • and finally at the Lorne Beach Pavilion where we finished off for the night!

Such an amazing shoot, I had an absolute ball photographing this wedding. To check out all their gorgeous wedding photos at Lorne Beach Pavilion, see below!