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Melbourne Wedding Photography!

Hi everyone, we are Chris and Neil, from Epic Photography (Wedding Photography Melbourne), and we are dedicated to capturing and creating the most amazing wedding photography of your big day while also making sure that you and your bridal party have as much fun as possible along the way! 🙂 

We absolutely LOVE photographing weddings and it definitely shows in our images as well as in the way we interact with our couples on the big day! We have a very unobtrusive way of doing things and basically just really enjoy having fun and laughing with our couples all day long!

Your wedding is going to be one of the most amazing days of your life (well, my wedding was for me!!) so our plan is simple – photograph your beautiful day in a fun and relaxed way, creating images that will absolutely exceed all your expectations while giving you the most enjoyable experience possible!

Lastly, we don’t charge for travel and we are more than happy to photograph weddings all around Victoria. Every weekend you’ll find us shooting weddings in either Morning Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Geelong, down the Great Ocean Road and Daylesford.  

  • Gorgeous wedding couple with sunset on St Kilda Beach
  • Beautiful wedding couple hugging under a tree
  • Beautiful bride posing at The Pole House
  • Amazing wedding photography at The Cape Kitchen in Phillip Island
  • Zonzo winery shed wedding photography
  • cute couple having wedding photos at butleigh wootton
  • cheeky couple having fun wedding photos at stones of the yarra valley
  • The Lake House amazing wedding photography
  • Montsalvat best wedding photography
  • Amazing bride at Lakeside Receptions wedding
  • Bridal party on train tracks at Tatra Receptions
  • Destination wedding photographer
  • couple dancing up the isle of their wedding ceremony at orchard keepers
  • Super cute couple having wedding photography at fitzroy gardens
  • vintage wedding couple next to a vintage car
  • Bali destination wedding photographer
  • bridal party having fun at elizabethan lodge

Ranked #1 Wedding Photography in Melbourne!

Our photography studio is on an elite list of world class photographers called Fearless Photographers, a unique directory of the world’s best wedding photographers who are not afraid to go above and beyond, push the limits and surprise couples with extraordinary wedding photography! Epic Photography is also an accredited professional photography studio and member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Although we mainly do Wedding Photography Melbourne and country Victoria, we also LOVE to shoot interstate. We have photographed weddings in Adelaide and Sydney, tropical Queenland in places like Hamilton Island, Port Douglas and Hayman Island as well as destination weddings in Bali, the US and Europe. So, no matter where you’re getting married, get in touch, tell us your plans and based on availability we would love to catch up for a chat and hopefully be a part of your big day!

Client Love!

Graffiti wedding photography

“OMG OMG OMG !! These are absolutely beautiful!! I haven’t stopped looking at the photos & showing EVERYONE at work all morning!! The slide show is amazing, thank you so much for doing that for us – so so lovely! Arghh I’m seriously so excited, these are honestly just stunning! Thank you so so much for everything, I couldn’t be more happy with how it went on the day & how the photos have turned out! Can you please let me know if there is anywhere you’d like me to leave a review etc?”

“I just want to say everyone at our wedding loved you – including us! The feedback from our wedding guests has been fantastic and everyone was like “WHO IS THAT PHOTOGRAPHER he is AWESOME!” hahahaha! Your fun loving energy rubs off on others. You have a way of just putting a smile on everyone’s face. I don’t know what I would have done without you on the day, you honestly made me get through it all and I can’t thank you enough for everything you did. You honestly did go above and beyond what I expected. Thank you!”

vintage wedding photography with bride laughing

“We can’t remember how or where we found you – but thank God we did. You are very professional yet down to earth, fun and most of all made us relaxed on our Wedding Day. We had a lot of fun with you guys around. Chris… thank you for our stunning wedding photos, everyone we have shown have been blown away with how amazing they look. Mark… thankyou for our highlight video clip, it is incredibly well edited and we can’t wait for the full version. Thanks again so much, we will be highly recommending you to anyone and everyone!!”

“Neil, we just can not thank you enough for our photos. They are just so stunning. We had our wedding at a venue that other photographers said was ‘hard work’ as far as lighting went but wow, you used all the lighting to your advantage.
We will look back at our wedding album for the rest of our lives and have our hearts filled with the warmest love & brightest memories. Thank you for being part of our day, we laughed together the whole time. Epic Photography you are truly fabulous!”

Bride laughing at groom captured by wedding photographer

“You are a wonderful creative genius Neil and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience with you. You have a amiable personality and you just made our little group feel so welcome and comfortable. Nathan and I also felt really safe with you, knowing you would take care of everything. We really appreciate you also going to the venue and scoping it out; we could tell you really had a keen eye and knew what kind of shot would look good. We really appreciate you and your hard work. From the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU!”

“A MASSIVE thank you Neil for everything you did to make our wedding day so wonderful! From your communication and diligence leading up to the wedding, to your humour and patience on our special day. We had so many comments from family and friends saying what a nice guy you were, and that was before they even saw the photos, which are stunning! Even your guidance for Paul and I on the day was a relief at times when we felt a little lost; you were more like a wedding planner/coordinator/amazing photographer and we can’t thank you enough.”

Paige and Yusuf Wedding Photography Melbourne Testimonial

“I just want to say how happy Yusuf and I were with your photography on Sunday. Everyone mentioned how professional you were, and you made us feel so comfortable, we raved about how great you were – by far the best thing about the day.
We couldn’t have been happier!! Thank you so much! If you ever need anyone to say something nice about Epic Photography and your work, myself and Yusuf will both give you the best reference!”

“Hi Chris! I cannot tell you how many times I have watched the slideshow!! Thank you so much for contributing to making our day run so smoothly! It truly was ‘the best day ever!’

There are so many favourites Chris! Far too difficult for us to decide on photos you took for our album! They are all so incredibly AWESOME! Thank you so much”

Bianca and Luke Melbourne Wedding Photographer Testimonial
Erin and Rob Melbourne Wedding Photographer Testimonial at Montsalvat

“I just wanted to say THANKS again for the photos. We got raving reviews when we showed them to our family and friends!! Everyone who has seen them was very impressed with the photography and have asked for your details.

My sister and sister in-law especially were really really impressed with the style and quality. To quote my sis “these are the types of photos that win awards!”

“Hi Chris, We had an absolute ball working with you, we booked you because of your personality and so glad we did because you really helped us relax and brought that extra level of fun to what was just a perfect day. The whole way through, you were genuinely interested in helping us capture our special day, we never felt like just another client (even though you must be super busy) Can’t wait until we have another excuse for some professional photos as we will definitely be giving you a call.  Thank you sooo much once again, and all the best.”

Sam and Colin Wedding Photography Melbourne Testimonial

Meet Melbourne Wedding Photographer – Chris Garbacz

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting my Wedding Photographer Melbourne portfolio! My name is Chris and I absolutely love having the best job in the world. I spend my days going to amazing locations, spending time with amazing people on the happiest day of their lives and get to take amazing photos! Could not think of anything else I would prefer to be doing.

When you meet me you’ll see that I’m a chilled out, easy going dude with a bubbly personality that can put a smile of most people’s faces 🙂 I find that connecting with my couples and getting to know them is one of the most important parts of my job, so I can suss out the style of photography that you would like and get the most out of you during the wedding photography day.

Having 10 years of experience as a Melbourne Wedding Photographer and photographing just shy of 400 weddings I can honestly say I have seen it all and experienced almost every scenario imaginable. The best part is that I still love photographing weddings and jump out of bed feeling excited to see my couples wedding day unfold.

One of my favourite parts of being a wedding photographer Melbourne is receiving feedback from my awesome couples. I LOVE hearing how much fun they had on the day and how much they love their wedding photos!

Melbourne wedding photographer, Chris Garbacz
Portrait of Chris Garbacz, Melbourne Wedding Photographer smiling at the camera
Chris Garbacz, Melbourne Wedding Photographer putting on a tie, black and white
Melbourne wedding photographer, Neil Hole
Portrait of Neil Hole, Melbourne Wedding Photographer smiling at the camera
Neil Hole, Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Meet Melbourne Wedding Photographer – Neil Hole

Hey engaged couples, I’m Neil, a photographer, a creative, a dad and I LOVE weddings!

I’ve been a full time enthusiastic wedding photographer for over 15 years now and shooting portraiture for a living is something I absolutely adore! Being part of your special day gives the biggest buzz, capturing the emotions, getting creative and producing images that you’ll love for a very long time!

Getting creative and adapting to every new surrounding, scenario and making the most of each situation is what I love most about my job, and creating something that extra special at the end of it all, makes it all worthwhile!

The most important part of my job is making everything stress free, fun and producing images that you’ll love forever! I really do go, above and beyond to make each photography experience memorable!

I truly am living my dream with photography, and Thanks to you, it continues on!

More Client Love!

Bride and Groom being photographed by Melbourne Wedding Photographer

“What can I say – love them, love their work!!! They made my wedding day so much fun and captured the moments perfectly!!”

— Caroline and Ben : Wedding Photography Melbourne

Bride and groom kissing on the stairs at The Royce Hotel

“Thank you Chris for our photos and made the day all about us 🙂 you made us feel relaxed and we had real laughter we love our wedding slide show that you’ve put together for us we are so happy thank you so much for our amazing photo :)”

— Tina and Andrew : Wedding Photographer Melbourne

Groom kissing brides cheek at Stones of the Yarra Valley

“Mate, you have done such an exceptional job with the photos. Thank you more than anything! Let me know how we write a reference or a testimonial or whatever! So bloody awesome.”

— Alex and Ryan : Wedding Photographer Melbourne

Wedding couple portrait looking at camera in vineyard at Yarra Valley Wedding

“Thank you again so much we had an amazing day and you made us both feel so very comfortable and we got some really good feedback from the bridal party about how cool you all were so a BIG THANK YOU.”

— Tara and Matt : Wedding Photography Melbourne

Bride and groom kissing next to vintage car in Hoiser Lane, Melbourne Wedding Photographer

“We just want to say a BIG THANK you to you and your assistant of the job you have done on our wedding day. It was such a beautiful day and your professional yet relaxed, fun attitude put all of us at ease, and ensured the whole process went smoothly.”

— Lucy and Chris : Melbourne Wedding Photography

bride and groom walking through the vineyard at Stones of the Yarra Valley

“Hi Chris, Thanks so much for the photos and the amazing slideshow! It is really beautiful!! Our friends and I have loved watching it. You really captured the wedding nicely and snapped some golden moments.”

— Alyse and James : Melbourne Wedding Photographers

How it all started!

It all started for me in 2005. I had a degree in Multimedia Design and just came back from travelling around the world snow boarding until disaster struck, I broke my neck on the slopes (fractured C2) and had to spend the next 6 months in a neck brace following a major surgery. Although this accident seems terrible to some people, I was young and didn’t really comprehend the seriousness of the injury, so just continued life as if it was a small inconvenience.

The great news was, my flat mate at the time was creating wedding album designs for a photography studio in Port Melbourne and they were running behind in their post production department. So, with my multimedia design skills, I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to get my first job, begged the boss to give me a chance and luckily got my foot in the door in an industry I knew nothing about!

So, with my trendy neck brace on, I spent the next 6 months working at the studio retouching wedding albums. I quickly started to appreciate the amazing photography and for the first time thought, I want to be a photographer! Again, I was on a mission, I begged my boss to give me a chance and teach me his skills. And again, luckily he took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew over the course of the next year. My neck brace came off, and I started shooting weddings at the age of 22.

I will never forget my first wedding, big Greek wedding, 16 people in the bridal party, 8am start, full reception coverage PLUS 1.5 hours of night shots in the city and their hotel room afterwards!! Definitely jumped straight into the deep end, and survived!

Anyways, long story short, I moved on from that company and worked with a commercial/fashion photographer for a year, learning the ins and out of his business, followed by another year at a SUPER busy funky family portrait studio in Richmond, again absorbing as much information as possible. I then knew I was ready to start my own business.

I combined all the styles of photography that I had learnt over the 3 years, edgy fashion photography, high energy fun, silly, funky family portrait photography created my own style. I became a Melbourne Wedding Photographer and Epic Photography was born.

I have now been a Wedding Photographer in Melbourne for almost 10 years and have photographed close to 800 weddings (at the time of writing this), and I feel so lucky that I have found this profession as it still gets me jumping out of bed everyday ready for new challenges, amazing locations, loving couples, excited friends & family and seeing the uniqueness of all the different weddings I shoot, it really is the best job (if you could even call it that) in the world!

Over the years I have learnt a lot about being a Melbourne Wedding Photographer and have experienced almost every single scenario imaginable! From sun, rain and hail to fainting grooms, breaking down bridal cars and flooding reception venues! I’ve ‘almost’ seen it all, and the best part is, I know how to deal with any circumstance and more importantly help the couple turn a potential negative into an absolute positive, awesome, fun opportunity to take advantage of!

When it comes to portraits and posing, in a nutshell, I HATE POSING! When it comes to Wedding Photography Melbourne I couldn’t think of anything more awkward or uncomfortable. BUT, I do find that giving some guidance or direction can go a long way. When it comes to portraits and posing, in a nutshell, I HATE POSING! When it comes to Wedding Photography Melbourne I couldn’t think of anything more awkward or uncomfortable. BUT, I do find that giving some guidance or direction can go a long way.

Imagine being in an amazingly beautiful location, and you’re ready for photos, but how are you going to know what to do or what the photographers vision is? I won’t tell you to look at a specific spot, adjust your body into a certain awkward position, move your little finger one millimeter to the left and then smile for a prolonged period of time!! HA! I feel uncomfortable even typing it! BUT I will tell you to hug each other, pinch her bottom 🙂 do a nosey nosey and other cute fun things! I will probably also get you to run, spin, jump, laugh, be yourselves and just have FUN!

I regularly shoot weddings in the city, but also love getting out of town too. I am constantly photographing weddings in the Dandenong Ranges (Mount Dandenong), Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Daylesford, Geelong, Ballarat, the Surf Coast and Gippsland as well. I also shoot destination weddings in tropical Port Douglas, Hayman Island, Bali in Indonesia and even in America!

Get in touch!

Get in touch and we will send you our Wedding Photography Melbourne prices with everything you need to know including our wedding photography packages. We meet clients Monday to Friday during business hours or Tuesday and Thursday evenings at our beautiful wedding photography studio in South Yarra.

We only have limited availability for weddings this year and are booking weddings for next year so please get in touch and we will let you know if we are still available for your special day. We totally believe in quality over quantity and limit our bookings to 30 per year. So if you have a wedding date locked in, please let us know sooner rather than later to avoid being disappointed!!

Epic Photography is available for weddings in the Dandenong Ranges (Mount Dandenong), Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Daylesford, Geelong, Ballarat, the Surf Coast and Gippsland as well. We also shoot a number of destination weddings each year, photographing weddings in locations such as Port Douglas, Hayman Island, Bali and even in America!

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